• AC/DC 48V-58.4V 20A Lithium Smart Battery Charger


    Input Voltage :                220-240VAC

    Charge voltage:                58.4V

    Charge current:                  20 A

    Working Temperature:  0°C to 45°C

    Storage Temperature:   -20°C to 50°C

    1. Removable mounts

    2. Display showing Voltage, current, AH, and Battery Capacity.

    3. Self-cooling fan

  • AC/DC Lithium Smart Battery Charger 14.6V 20A


    AC input voltage :                200-240Vac

    DC output voltage:                14.6 Vdc

    Charge current:                  20 A

    Working Temperature:  0°C to 45°C

    Storage Temperature:   -20°C to 50°C

    Charging voltage  rated :  14.6 ± 0.3 V

    Charging Current  rated :  20 ± 0.5 A

      1. Removable mounts

      2. A fuse lid for easy replacing fuses and an extra fuse.

    Warranty: 24 months

  • AC/DC 24-29.2V 20A Lithium Smart Battery Charger


    New AC/DC Power Charger 29.2v 20A.

    Model: DL-600W

    Input:  220-240Vac  2.0A 50/60Hz

    Output:  29.2V 20A

    This Product Includes:

    1. Removable mounts

    2. A fuse lid for easy replacing fuses and an extra fuse.

    Warranty: 24 months

  • IPANDA MPPT Solar Charge Controller Explorer ES2460 12v/24v 150vdc (Voc) 60A Lithium Compatible


    Brand name:  IPANDA
    Model: Explorer S-Series ES2460
    Type: MPPT Solar Charge Controller
    PV Max Input(Voc): 150Vdc
    Lead-acid Battery System: 12V/24V
    Li-ion Battery Range: 8V-30Vdc
    Charge Current Ratio: 60A
    Load Output Current Ratio: 30A
    Storage Temp: -40°C–+75°C

    Read more about this item on the description below.

  • IPANDA MPPT 60A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V/36V/48V Solar Panel Battery Regulator Max 150V DC Input

    1. Item features an efficient MPPT control algorithm to track the maximum power position of the PV array. Greatly improve the utilization of solar panel. Its intelligent LCD and upper PC display, mostly convenient for customers to check, records and parameter setting. It widely used in off-grid solar system, communication base station solar system, household solar systems, street light solar systems, field monitoring and other fields etc.
    2. For this mppt solar charge controller , you need to connect with battery first , then connect with the solar panel . Because this solar charge controller , the power is supplied by the battery , so no matter day time or night time , if this solar charge controller is connected with battery , it will be on all the time when it is turn on .

  • BWB Brand 12V/24V Portable Stainless Steel Power Supply Box for Outdoor activities


    This BWB brand portable Stainless Steel Power Supply Box is great for your fishing, hunting, camping, caravanning, kayaking & other outdoor activities.

    BWB 12V/24V Power Supply Box Includes:
    – 2 Anderson Plugs (in/out power)
    – 2 panel switches
    – 2 USB chargers
    – 4 Cigarette Lighter Sockets
    – 1 Voltage & Capacity Meter

    Also includes 1 metre cable with Anderson plug.

  • BWB 160Amps 12V Lithium Iron LiFePO4 DC/DC Relay


    BWB 60Amps 12V Lithium Iron DC/DC Relay
    Perfect for charging LiFePO4 batteries.


    Shock & Heat Proof
    Durable 304 Stainless Steel construction for tougher conditions & with heat sink to prevent heat

    Stronger Connectors
    Simple and fast to connect, there is no risk of poor connection.

    High Temperature Wiring
    Uses Silica Gel high temperature wires which can handle temperature up to 200 °.

    WORKS ON SMART ALTERNATORS, TOO!  Please watch the YouTube Video on the description how you install a relay.


  • Century Battery 12V 6AMP Charger & Maintainer

    The CC1206 is suitable for charging batteries rated up to 120Ah* and maintaining batteries rated up to 180Ah. The charger is designed to charge and maintain 12V conventional lead acid batteries. Simply follow the indications below to select the correct battery type setting on your CC1206:

    • SMF [Calcium] – Select this setting to charge Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) flooded calcium batteries.
    • AGM/Flooded – Select this setting to charge Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and maintainable flooded batteries.
    • Gel – Select this setting to charge Gel electrolyte type batteries.
  • Century Battery 12V 12AMP Charger & Maintainer


    Century CC1212

    12 Volt | 12 Amp  (1, 8 & 12 Amp selectable)
    • For charging batteries rated up to 240Ah
    • Suitable for SMF [Calcium], AGM, Flooded and GEL lead-acid batteries
    • 9-Stage battery charging & maintaining, with reconditioning mode

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