BWB LiFePO4 Extended Warranty


All BWB LiFePO4 batteries sold by Big Wei Battery are brand new and come with a 3 year Manufacturer Warranty.

The 1 year/2 year Extended Warranty option is provided by Big Wei Battery and commences the day the original Manufacturer Warranty finishes.

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The 1 year/2 year Extended Warranty option is provided by Big Wei Battery and commences the day the original Manufacturer Warranty finishes. With manufacturer warranties of BWB LiFePO4 products running for three years, an Extended Warranty brings your period of cover up to a total of 5 years. Furthermore, our Extended Warranty offers the same benefits as the original manufacturer warranties

Your Options For An Appliance Extended Warranty

The cost of a 1-year extended warranty on a BWB LiFePO4 battery is $99

The cost of a 2-year extended warranty on a BWB LiFePO4 battery is $189



3 Year Limited Warranty

Big Wei Battery offers a 3-year limited warranty for BWB LifePo4 batteries. This limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in this product and lasts for three years from the date of original purchase of the product, however natural capacity decrease is not supported with the 3-year period. (Should a battery deliver less than 70% of its capacity as recorded by 2 full discharge/recharge cycles with no signs of excessive use/wear & tear, it will be considered a warrantable claim.)


This warranty doesn’t cover any defect or fault to the extent to which is arises due to:

-Improper storage, handling or installation, operation

-use or maintenance of product which is careless and inconsistent with instructions provided by Big Wei Battery

-physical damage including to a product’s surface coating or cabinet

-use of product for a purpose of in environmental conditions for which it was not designed or sold, or use outside the specified or normal operating ranges for a product

-changes in a product which occur due to climate or other external influence (for example:foreign material contamination, water entry, exposure to extreme heat or heat or cold or to solvents, lightning, connection with reverse polarity or other inappropriate connection and other issues)

-use of the product in a more complex system which does not correctly take into account of the product design

-normal wear and tear

-repair, alterations or modifications to the product

-use of a product for any unreasonable purpose

-continued use of a product after it has stopped operating or has malfunctioned.

-discharge current exceed the maximum discharge current limitation of battery BMS current rating


Big Wei Battery promise:

Big Wei Battery does a Lifetime Free Service to our LifePo4 customers, no matter your issue is covered by 3 year warranty or not. You only need to pay for the parts and material that need to be replaced. We will never charge any service fee.


How can you make a warranty claim?

1, make any claim in writing via email to

2, include details of the alleged defect or fault and the circumstances surrounding the defect or fault

3, provide relevant evidence of the claim, including photographs of the product installed and associated system wiring

4, provide proof of purchase and payment

To claim warranty the customer must return the product together with the receipt of purchase to the point of purchase. Big Wei Battery will not be responsible for all shipping charges.

Big Wei Battery is not liable for any consequential damages arising from the use of this product. The maximum liability of Big Wei Battery under this limited warranty shall not exceed the actual purchase price of the product.



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BWB LiFePO4 Extended Warranty


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