AC/DC 24-29.2V 20A Lithium Smart Battery Charger


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New AC/DC Power Charger 29.2v 20A.

Model: DL-600W

Input:  220-240Vac  2.0A 50/60Hz

Output:  29.2V 20A

This Product Includes:

  1. Removable mounts

  2. A fuse lid for easy replacing fuses and an extra fuse.

Warranty: 24 months

AC Input Voltage :                220-240Vac
DC Output voltage:                29.2Vdc
Charge current:                  20 A
Working Temperature:  0°C to 45°C
Storage Temperature:   -20°C to 50°C
Charging voltage  rated :  29.2 ± 0.3 V
Charging Current  rated :  20 ± 0.5 A


  1. Advanced high frequency switching mode power supply technology.
2) DC output isolated from AC input.
3) Charging parameters are insensitive to the AC input line voltage variations.
4) 2 LEDs: LED1 Red (power on), LED2 Red/green (charging/full).
5) Short circuit, over voltage, over-temperature, reverse polarity protections.
6) Efficiency > 91%.
7) Forced ventilation with fans.
8) 100% full loading aging test.
1) Check if your local mains supply conforms to charger’s input voltage 110V or 230V.
Then connect the charger system to a wall socket. If charger has switch with OFF position, it
MUST be set to ON.
LED1 RED confirms AC power on, and the LED2 GREEN confirms charger connects well.
2) Please attention to DC terminal:
Brown (Red)→Positive + terminal, Blue (Black)→Negative – terminal.
Then Connect the plug or the DC Output cord to battery terminals.
LED2 RED confirms charger is charging, LED2 GREEN confirms battery fully charged.
  1. The phenomenon of Sparking is normal when it connects to battery because of high current.
2) Make sure that the charger type matches the battery type before charging. Avoid charging the
wrong type of battery.
3) Always place the charger in well-ventilated and dry environments. Do not cover it to avoid the
case from being over heated while charging.
4) Dust-proof should also be taken into consideration to avoid influencing heat dissipation effect
because of surface dust accumulation.
5) In view of safety and electromagnetic compatibility, the charger equipped with grounding wire by
6) Do not attempt to repair or service the charger yourself. open the cover of charger casually may
result in electric shock hazard or other damages. Take it to a qualified service person when
service or repair is required.
7) Batteries produce hydrogen gas, which can explode if ignited, never smoke, use an open flame,
or create sparks near the battery. Proper ventilation is required when charging.
8) Risk of electrical shock. DO NOT touch uninsulated portion of AC or DC connectors or the
uninsulated battery terminal.
9) If the battery is found to be abnormal or damaged during working process, please drop the power
adapter and connector immediately.
10) In order to avoid charger wiring harness damage, please do not put the matters onto charger
wiring harness or the places easy to be stamped, if there is damage of wiring harness, please
change immediately.
Common Faults and Solutions:
  1. Error input voltage: Check if the input voltage conformed to the requirement or not.
2) Abnormal AC input: Check whether there is AC voltage and whether the input plug is loose.
3) Machine over heat: Check that the fan is running. Also pay attention to ventilation at the
working place of charger, covering anything on the charger is not allowed.
4) Output short circuit: Check the wire line of output terminal to exclude short-circuit.
5) No battery or reverse connection: Check the battery connection, connect the battery correctly.
6) Battery voltage is too low: Make battery voltage up to the starting voltage of charger.
Products should be stored in package box when it is not used. And warehouse temperature
should be -40~70℃, and relative humidity is 5~95%. In the warehouse, there should not be
harmful gas, inflammable, explosive products, and corrosive chemical products, and strong
mechanical vibration, shock and strong magnetic field affection. The package box should be
above ground at least 20 cm height, and 50 cm away from wall, thermal source, and vent.
Under this requirement, product has 2 years of storage period, and should be rechecked when
over 2 years. The charger must be energized every three months for not less than 0.5 hours.
E. Packing List:
1. Charger 1pcs 2. User manual 1pcs
3. Direct wired DC wires 4. AC power cord
Warranty: 24 Months

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AC/DC 24-29.2V 20A Lithium Smart Battery Charger