Lithium Battery Charges

Do you know that using the wrong kind of charger can damage your battery including reducing the life expectancy and in some cases, can even be dangerous?

We are now in the digital age, and modern battery like lithium iron LiFePO4 needs to be charged using SMART Chargers specific for lithium batteries.  Well, some people still thinks that a battery is just a battery and any old charger can just do the job.

Lithium iron LiFePO4 batteries have built-in BMS.  These BMS works like super computers that protects the LiFePO4 cells from over-charging, over-discharge, short circuit, water protection, drops & temperatures.

Like any other intelligent battery technology, it needs intelligent charger.Protect the life of your battery and buy only lithium battery charger.  With lithium specific SMART charger, you can never go wrong.

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